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Why An Ankle Gun Holster Is A Good Idea

An ankle gun holster is a good idea on many levels. For people in law enforcement or someone in the private security industry, having an extra firearm can save your life in a pinch. We have all seen movies where a person is in a bad position and they quietly reach down, unlock their ankle holster, and before you know it they have the situation under control. While these are of course just movies, the idea is sound.Back in the wild west, you were often not allowed to carry a gun in town; you had to give up your weapon to the Sheriff until you were ready to leave, so many people would conceal another weapon in their boot, just in case, so here is where the first ankle gun holsters came from. Of course back then it was quite uncomfortable and downright dangerous to carry a gun in your boot, you could accidentally shoot yourself in the foot and you could get bruised from the gun banging around against your leg.While having an ankle gun holster is a great idea, there are some things you should know. If you are loo...


A Self Defense Stun Gun Offers Optimal Protection

If you are interested in protecting yourself from individuals that intend to do you harm, you should consider utilizing a self defense stun gun. Stun guns are specially designed devices that have the capability of incapacitating an individual for a short amount of time. Despite the fact that the products do, in fact, result in temporary incapacitation, it has been established that the devices do not pose any long term complications to the individual that has been subjected to them. Individuals that are exposed to people that intend to commit a wrongdoing against them may benefit in several ways by utilizing a self defense stun gun. In this guide on personal defense strategies, you will learn how stun guns may protect you from harm and possibly even save your life.A self defense stun gun generates an electrical charge that is low in amperage but considered to be high as far as voltage is concerned. According to manufacturers and medical professionals, the electrical charge that is emitted from the devices resu...


Getting Comfortable In A Security Officer Job

Trying to ensure that you are comfortable during a complete 8-hour shift is difficult enough. Take into account the rough working conditions and frequently the extended shifts that go on much longer than even 8 hours and you have a situation that most people simply are not comfortable with. In order to make your time on the job as comfortable as possible you need a few basic things. Aside from the simple to understand needs such as a receptive boss and reasonable pay, you need to be physically comfortable at work.Look for shoes that are as cushioned as possible. Avoid the usage of shoes that are overly stiff, but try to look for shoes that are going to be comfortable across the long shifts. Frequently in security work there is not much time for sitting or even relaxing due to the rounds that must be made. Proper shoes will help to ensure that you are not suffering the entire time.A good uniform is also very important. While it might seem like a uniform is not something that can greatly impact your job,...


Liberty Gun Safes Withstand the Test of Time

Liberty gun safes take longer to break into than their competitors. It is said that the average burglary lasts 7 minutes. So Liberty Safe says that making a more secure safe is all about buying more time. The longer it takes a burglar to break into your safe, the less chance that he will succeed because he will just run out of time. To prove their security, Liberty ran a pry test between their entry level safe, the Centurion, and a competitor's equivalent entry level safe.Both were full size gun safes that were tipped on their backs, this allows for better leverage. Ttwo men then attacked each safe, one had a regular pry bar and the other had a much longer, steel pry bar that allowed for better leverage. The timer was started to see if the safe's could hold up for the 7 minute average burglary time. The competitor safe lasted for 1:15, the Liberty Centurion gun safe lasted for over 10:00 minutes, about 10 times longer than its competitors.If you think this is impressive, then you will really be pleased with L...


Night Vision Scopes for Hunting

Night vision scopes for hunting are often overlooked by even the most avid hunter because they seem cumbersome and unnecessary. Why would you need a night vision scope when most of your time is spent in the daylight? The fact of the matter is that conditions are not always ideal which makes having a variety of scopes a smart idea. Night vision scopes for hunting can greatly enhance your hunting capabilities in harsher environments and weather thus enabling you to hunt more animals than ever before.Hunting nocturnal creatures can be a hassle. Their eyesight is much more accustomed to darkness than ours, making them a lot harder to sneak up on and take out. Having a night vision scope for hunting can make discovering and killing nocturnal creatures ten times easier than without a night scope. Hunting at night can make taking down daylight prey a lot easier as well. You will be able to catch them unaware and possibly asleep at night. You will also give yourself a huge advantage because many daylight animals have...


Hanging Game Feeders

Hanging game feeders are great to place in areas that attract a lot of deer. As many people are increasingly leaving the city, and building their homes on property that are close to wildlife, they will find that the deer will come to their property, looking for food. In some cities, people find that the deer will get hungry, and come into their yards, looking for food. After all, the deer are used to being in the area. When humans build their homes on land that used to be the home of the deer, the deer don't know that they should leave the area, and they have nowhere else to go!If a homeowner has a vegetable garden growing in their yards, this will attract deer, and other animals that are hungry. This can be frustrating to the homeowner not only because the deer is eating their vegetables, but when the deer and the fawn come into the yard, they will destroy the landscaping with their hoofs. They also have an unfortunate habit of leaving dropping in the yard, which drives many homeowners insane! But, many peop...


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